Getting Started with Sewing: Recommended Machines and Essential Tools

Interested in picking up sewing? Don’t worry about getting all the tools right away. Start with the basics and add tools as you need them. You have options for sewing machines. Some we use at the studio, others I recommend. If you’re unsure about your sewing journey and budget, avoid splurging on an expensive sewing machine. It’s fine to find an old one too. Just remember, old machines can be tricky, adding to your beginner sewing challenges. If you can, investing in a basic sewing machine is a good idea. It’ll make learning to sew more enjoyable.

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Recommended tools: 
Fabric Scissors – you can buy a more expensive one , but this one is good for any beginners.  Have one for paper and one for fabric. 
Tape measurement and seam ripper
Yard Stick – You can purchase one as well from Home Depot or Lowes for much less from the sewing isle at the store.  This helps with measuring larger items. 
Sewing Pins or sewing clips
Pin Cushion 
Sewing gauge (optional) 
Sewing mat – this is nice to have if you can purchase one. 

I love the machines we have at the studio. We have a couple of Brother Project Runway but it looks like they no longer sell it. 

Here are some sewing machines I recommend for any beginner.  

Singer, Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine  
Brother Mobile Solutions SM 1704 Lightweight  
Brother CS7000X Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine – this one has speed control! 
Brother CS5055 Computerized sewing machine
Brother LX3817  – you can purchase this at Walmart for less than $90.  We have the same machine at our studio. 
Brother CS5055 Computerized Sewing Machine – This is what we have at the studio replacing all of our Project Runway machine, since they are no longer being made.

The machine in the photo is a brother project runway. I love this machine but not sure if they still make this model.

If you have been in my Intro to Sewing class, you’ve heard me mention a book that I love. It’s called ‘Fabrics A to Z‘ by Dana Willard. This book is perfect if you want to learn more about fabrics, what kinds of needles to use, and much more.

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