MyMakerScape wants to ensure everyone is first and foremost SAFE AND HAPPY. We aim to provide a respectful and creative learning environment.

  • No Running: No running in our studio.

  • Respectful Language: No foul language, and no destroying of supplies or studio property.

  • Dress Appropriately: Please wear clothes that can get messy! While we provide smocks for protection, it’s always best to be prepared for some creative messiness.

  • Not Responsible for Damages: We are not responsible for any damaged personal belongings or clothing.

  • Hands Off: Do not touch other people’s artwork or projects unless they ask you personally.

  • Respect Everyone: Abusive or insulting remarks or actions towards our staff, instructors, or other participants are absolutely prohibited.

Students who negatively disrupt class will be immediately excused from current and all future classes without warning. Ensuring a safe environment, both mentally and physically, is our utmost concern. Upon immediate termination, no payments or monies will be refunded.