Day: August 8, 2023

Getting Started with Sewing: Recommended Machines and Essential Tools

Interested in picking up sewing? Don’t worry about getting all the tools right away. Start with the basics and add tools as you need them. You have options for sewing machines. Some we use at the studio, others I recommend. If you’re unsure about your sewing journey and budget, avoid splurging on an expensive sewing […]

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Reliving a Moment: Sharing an Interview from 2020

Hello, my wonderful friends! Today, I’m thrilled to transport you back to a memorable moment from May 18, 2020. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the fantastic Michelle Mulak from Everything Brevard. The interview revolved around a topic that hit close to home for many of us: how parents were managing the unique […]

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Sharing a Throwback: Fairythimbles on Spectrum News 13’s “Florida on a Tankful” (2020)

Hey there, lovely readers! As I’m busy revamping our website’s blog section, I stumbled upon a delightful gem from 2020 that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Remember that time when Fairythimbles sparkled on Spectrum News 13’s “Florida on a Tankful” segment? If you’re new to our page, you’re in for a treat! I’ve […]

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